Thursday, November 11, 2010


I call this image "friends" because it's their togetherness that stands out to me. These two were hanging a little lower than the rest, and they were catching that late afternoon sunlight just right.

As the mid-November sun sets perceptibly earlier each day, I seek more comfort in the warmth of my friends. We seem to be laughing a little longer these days, a little louder. As the light dims, we draw instinctively closer.

When we relate to others, we engage in a process of reflection: the mirror of me reflects the image of you, and vice versa. Our friends, families, coworkers, strangers, and the precious beings of the more-than-human world all provide us with this gift of reflection. They give us the chance to see ourselves, and to experience ourselves in relationship to another. Experiencing oneself in relationship to another provides more than a sense of connection, it opens the heart to feeling our interconnection: not only do I reflect you, I am you. And when we experience ourselves as interconnected with any and all members of creation--even if only for a moment--we experience the "One," or "God," or simply, "Love."

My intention in creating this blog is to reach out and share of myself. I humbly offer the forthcoming images and words as an expression of my love of the One.

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  1. "As the light dims, we draw instinctively closer"- I love this. I am experiencing this with a few close friends right now...and lately I have been feeling so grateful for these friendships... foundations of which are built upon the light within, trust, and honoring of where each other is at.